G’day and Welcome!

Did you know the Down Under Foods team is now serving Australian coffee?! We've got you covered with custom espresso and cold brew creations (but feel free to keep it simple!), plus a few tasty extras including infused waters and gourmet, thirst quenching lemonade (all Aussie style, of course). Feeling a little hungry? No worries! We're still serving our tasty Australian sweet treats (hello, lemon myrtle cookies)!

We pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality ingredients, incorporating indigenous Australian flavors, and supporting local businesses and the community (as a matter of fact, our coffee is roasted locally right here in Phoenix). If you're looking for a taste of Australia, c'mon by and say g'day!

If you're hoping to hear an Aussie accent (and trust us, Steve and Amy love to talk), head over to the calendar tab, or stop by our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for up to date locations!