We offer a wide variety of gourmet hot and cold drinks, including:

  • cappuccino, latte, Australiano (black), mocha, chai latte etc using whole, skinny or almond milk
  • cold brewed coffee using whole, skinny or almond milk
  • hot chocolate
  • hot tea (green, peppermint, black, tropical goji etc)
  • infused water (raspberry, peach, passion fruit or cucumber) and
  • imported Aussie sodas

For our coffee-based products, we use beans that are sourced from Latin America, the Pacific and African regions and roasted fresh in Phoenix, AZ. Growers in each of those regions adhere to, and are certified as adopting the “fair trade” model which model imposes minimum labor, production, sustainability and environmental standards at source in exchange for higher prices.

Our coffee, cold brew and hot chocolates will offer various flavor additions including:

  • iced coffee
  • caramel
  • chocolate
  • white chocolate
  • peppermint
  • butterscotch
  • candied orange
  • apple
  • maple spice
  • gingerbread
  • vanilla (and sugar-free vanilla)
  • cinnamon bun and
  • all of our drinks can be blended with pure liquefied cane sugar (if preferred)

Our signature “cup of Joey” range (hot or cold) includes the following:

  • “Jaffa” – chocolate + candied orange
  • “Bondi” – apple + cinnamon bun
  • “Cairns” – white chocolate + gingerbread
  • “Kakadu” – white chocolate + raspberry and
  • “Mintie” – chocolate + peppermint

All of our hot teas are organic and come in a compostable pyramid shaped sachet encased in a clear sleeve that decomposes with time.

Our flavors include:

  • “Earl Gray” (origin India) – a black tea that gets its legendary flavor from natural bergamot oil (this oil from a citrus fruit originally grown in Italy)
  • “Assam” (origin India) – a bold orange pekoe (highest grade) tea that exhibits a lush malty flavor and amber color (pairs well with milk or on its own)
  • “Peppermint” (origin Washington state, US) – a large cut peppermint leaf tea with a buttery, crisp hint and
  • “Tropical Green” (origin China) – a traditional sencha leaf tea infused with tropical flavors offering up a melon/berry taste