Dag – an odd person, nerd, goofball
Daks – pants or trousers
Damper – bread made from flour, salt and water
Deadset – something that connotes truth
Digger – an Australian soldier (derived from soldiers digging protective trenches and their tenacity during WWI
Dill – an idiot
Fair dinkum (sometimes just dinkum) – true, real or genuine. If something is “fair dinkum” it is unequivocally the real deal or the genuine article. Equally, something can be fair dinkum, someone can be fair dinkum or a situation can be fair dinkum.
Dinki-di – the real thing, something that is genuine
Dipstick – a loser or an idiot
Dig in (mate)! – Bon appétit or start eating your meal. For example, in a group dining together, the host may encourage a guest to “dig in” and start eating before others are served. Literally, it means to start digging into your food plate or bowl.
Dob (somebody) in – to inform on somebody or to give them up. Australian schoolchildren are often derogatively referred to as “dobbers” in the school yard if they have reported someone to the teacher for doing something wrong (behavior-wise).
Doco – a  TV documentary
Dog and bone – rhyming slang for ‘phone’
Dogs’ balls (standing out like) – as the term implies, something that is very obvious to an observer (for example if somebody was incapable of catching a Frisbee, and somebody said so to someone sitting next to them, then that person might say “…oh yeah. That stands out like dogs’ balls.”).
Donk – is an engine. As an example, a football player might be described as having a big donk because he displays enormous energy during a game or a car may be described as having a big donk if it used a V-8 engine (as compared to something smaller). A big donk can also be used crudely in respect to an adult male having one, so, be careful to use the word in its proper context!
Doona – is a thick bed quilt
Drink with the flies – means to drink alone (with only flies for company)
Drongo – a slow or stupid person (a drongo may also refer to the person as being dopey, but not in the sense of being stoned)
Dummy (as in, “spitting the dummy”) – think babies who spit their dummies (pacifiers) from their mouths in a fit or tantrum. The term “spitting the dummy”, when the slang is used, is meant to convey that the offending adult (or older child) has gone berserk with anger about some perceived injustice. For example, if a son-in-law was told that he had to pucker up and give his mother-in-law a big old wet kiss, he might “spit the dummy” because he was angry that anybody should suggest such a thing (well, most sons-in-law would!).
Dunny – outhouse or toilet


Each way – a method of gambling (usually in horse racing or the like) where a gambler will place money down and receive a dividend if the horse finishes first, second or third.
Earbashing – nagging, non-stop chatter
Earn a crust – to earn wages or salary
Egg beater – a name for a helicopter
El cheapo – very cheap, something maligned
Elbow grease – to work vigorously, to make a serious effort (in the sense that if your elbow is greased, nothing will stop it from operating)
Elevensees – mid-morning snack with coffee or tea
Esky – known in America as an ice chest. Down Under these are large and sturdy insulated containers to store food and drink for outdoor activities (picnics, barbecues etc). May people also use an esky to sit on. Esky is derived from “eskimo” meaning cold (as in where they live).
Every man and his dog – the general public
Exy – something that is expensive


Fair dinkum – someone or something that is true or genuine (for example, “…he’s a fair dinkum bloke” or “…I had a fair dinkum good vacation”
Fair go – to give somebody and opportunity or chance to do or complete something (for example “…give a bloke a fair go” if he is new to a testing job)
Fairy floss – candy floss or cotton candy
Fantastic plastic – a credit card
Feral – somebody may be described as “looking feral” if they are hairy, unclean, unkempt (male or female) or somebody can be described as “being feral” if they are really aggravated about something and making a lot of noise about it.
Firie – a fireman
Five-finger discount – the act of shoplifting or stealing something
Fix up – to pay someone money you owe to them, to repair something that has stopped working (car, washing machine etc), a doctor to heal you, to set two people up on a date or to frame somebody for something. The term is very contextual and wide-meaning.
Flick (or flick pass) – to give something or somebody the flick is to get rid of it/him/her (think flicking a cigarette butt)
Footy – an abbreviation for any of the four football variants Down Under (rugby league, rugby union, Aussie rules or soccer)
Fossick – a child can fossick for something they can’t find or need in a back-pack, an adult can fossick for something they need in a console in the car or a miner can fossick (or prospect) for gold etc
Fortnight – a two week period. Many Aussie workers are paid fortnightly rather than weekly or monthly.
Fremantle Doctor – is a name for the cooling afternoon breeze that arrives in Perth (on the west coast) from the sea
Full – inebriated, drunk
Full as a goog – “goog” is a term for egg so if you are as full as a goog, you cannot possibly eat another thing