Garbo – garbage collector
Garbologist – garbage collector
G’Day – hello!
Ginormous – something very large
Going off – can be used at a party or a night spot that is a lot of fun (for example “…the place was really going off”). Can also be used to describe somebody giving somebody else a dressing down or tongue lashing (for example, “…she went off at him when he advised that he had forgotten to collect the kids from day care”)
Good oil – perceived to be very useful information because of its accuracy (and may be a horse racing tip, an idea or general advice)
Good onya – good for you, well done
Going troppo – somebody going nuts about something
Gone walkabout – traditionally describes an Indigenous (Aboriginal) person going into the bush (forest) for spiritual reasons but has become widely used to describe somebody who has disappeared for a while or who left a task because they could not concentrate long enough to complete it.
Greenie – an environmentally minded person, sometimes unreasonably obstructive
Grog – is a term for anything alcoholic (beer, wine, liquor)
Grog shop – licensed store selling alcohol (alcohol in any form is not permitted to be sold in grocery stores, convenience stores or gas stations)
Grommet – a young surfer
Grotty – something that is run-down, dirty or in need of cosmetic alteration
Grouse – something that is exceptionally good (for example “…that is a grouse haircut”)
Grumblebum – somebody who is negative about things and does nothing but complain


Half your luck – used to convey congratulations (the inference being “…I wish I had half your luck”)
Handle – a beer glass with a handle
Hard yakka – hard work
Hard yards – hard work, training
Have a go you mug – to encourage somebody to participate more enthusiastically (usually in sports)
Heart-starter – the first alcoholic drink of the day that somebody takes or sometimes their first cigarette
Heaps – means a lot (for example “…thanks heaps” or “…she earned heaps of praise after she sang the National Anthem”)
Heave – to vomit
Hit the frog and toad – let’s get going (usually expressed when somebody is leaving somewhere like a party or dinner or starting a journey)
Hit the grog – to start drinking
Holy dooley! – is an exclamation of surprise akin to “Good heavens!” or “Oh my goodness!”
Hoon – is somebody (usually a male) who drives both too fast and carelessly. A hoon’s vehicle is usually his (or hers) only material source of pride and quite often, if pulled over by the police, the vehicle will be written up for various defects (and to which high dollar fines attach).
Hooroo or ‘ooroo – goodbye
Hotel – often just a pub, not necessarily a place to sleep
Humongous – something that is very large
Humpie – temporary home in the bush (forest), usually comprising parts of trees and bark


Icy pole, ice block – a Popsicle or ice confection on a stick
Idiot box – a television set
Iffy – something of a suspicious nature (for example “…that’s a bit iffy”)
In a tick – very shortly (as in the tick of a clock)
In dire straits – someone in serious trouble
In fine feather – full of vitality and spirit
In good nick – something in good condition (for example, when buying a used car, it may be described as “…being in good nick”)
In the know – having inside information (usually secretive and not well publicized)
In the poo – somebody in trouble
In the raw – somebody who is naked
In the s**t – somebody in serious trouble
In the sticks – somebody or something is said to in the sticks if they are remote to other people or things. It usually refers to a place far away.
In the year dot – a very long time ago
In two shakes – in a very short time (derived from “…two shakes of a lamb’s tail)
I’ve had it! – an expression of complete frustration when one has reached the end of their patience or tolerance about something
Ivories – teeth