Mad as a cut snake – insane or crazy person
Maggies – magpies are birds unique to Australia (the black and white birds on our homepage). Magpies will actually dive-bomb pedestrians or push bike riders passing by during spring time as they get very territorial when nesting! Check out this link!
Make a blue – to make a mistake
Make a botch of – to mess up something (for example a project)
Make a proper galah of – to make a complete fool of. A galah is a small pink, white and gray bird native to Australia that does crazy things like hanging upside down by one leg and they can be trained to talk! Don’t believe us? Check out this link!
Make a quid – to earn a living
Make the feathers fly – to cause a commotion
Make tracks – to depart from somewhere
Make waves – to cause trouble
Mate – a friend or buddy
Mate’s rates – cheaper than the usual price for a “friend” or a “friend of a friend”
Mexican – this term is peculiar to the states “Down Under” that border the east coast (the Pacific Ocean); Queensland in the north, New South Wales in the middle and Victoria in the south. To a Queenslander, anybody living south of the border, meaning a New South Welshman or a Victorian, is referred to as a Mexican. Similarly, a New South Welshman will refer to a Victorian as a Mexican too.
Middy– a small beer glass in New South Wales (285 ml)
Milk bar – a corner store that sells everything from takeaway food to ice cream products
Misery guts – somebody who complains incessantly about anything and everything
Missus – female partner/wife/girlfriend
Mob – is either a group of people or a group of kangaroos
Mollycoddle – to make a fuss of someone, usually in a pampering and unnecessary way
Mollydooker– a mollydooker is somebody who is left-handed
Mongrel – is a despicable person or, depending on context, may be used to describe a friend in playful banter
Monkey suit – is a formal dinner suit
Mozzie – mosquito
Mushie – short for mushroom
Muso – musician
Muster – to round up sheep or cattle on a ranch


Neddies – racing horses
Never Never – the Outback, centre of Australia
Neville – when somebody is described as a “Neville” it is a shortened version of “Neville Nobody”. For example, faux celebrities or B—listers would be described as “Nevilles”, meaning that they are not highly regarded by other people.
Nick (in good) – when something is in good nick, it means it is in good condition (usually used to described used cars or equipment)
Nick off – go away
Nipper – young surf lifesaver (surf rescue)
No hoper – a fool
No dramas – everything is cool
No worries – a frequently used expression usually meaning “…you’re welcome” or “…it’s OK” or “…don’t worry about it
Noah’s Ark – a shark
Noggin – your head
Nong – a silly person
Not on – when something is described as being “not on” it means that the circumstance is not acceptable
Nuddy, in the – naked
Nunya – none of your business
Nut out – hammer out or work out an agreement


Ocker – an unsophisticated, uncouth person (also known as a yobbo)
Off his/her face – very drunk
Offsider – an assistant, helper
Old bomb – a car that is dilapidated and that has seen better days
Old Girl – mother
Old Lady – wife
Old Man – father
Oldies – parents
On for young and old – a commotion or a boisterous disturbance
On the blower – on the telephone (as in blowing hot air)
On the dole – in receipt of social security (unemployment) while having no job
On the nose – something that is smelly or it can mean something that is not, or does not seem to be, above board (usually something that is unfair or corrupt)
On your Pat Malone – to literally be on your own and doing something (rhyming slang for “alone”). Quite often, where an element of high risk is perceived or big stakes are concerned, one Aussie will disavow him or herself from a situation by declaring to the other person that “…you are on your Pat Malone”
Onya – a shortened version of good onya or “good on you”
Onya bike​ – be on your way, scoot
Optic – pertaining to seeing or looking at something (for example, “…I’ll give that business proposal an optic”)
Out of whack – something not functioning properly (for example, somebody who feels their spine is out of alignment might say “…my back is out of whack”)
Outback – the interior or wilderness of Australia
Oz – Australia