Pack a wallop – to hit somebody hard or to exert force or to impact on something to a considerable degree (for example “…that chili sauce packed a wallop”)
Pat Malone – rhyming slang meaning “alone”
Pearlies – teeth
Perve (to) – looking lustfully at the opposite sex
Pie eater – is used derogatorily to describe somebody lazy or foolish (or both). Of course, a pie eater is also a connoisseur of meat pies!
Piece of piss – a very easy task
Piffle – nonsense
Piss – beer (you can drink piss, or if you are out enjoying a drink, you can be on the piss)
Piss (taking the) – to be playing a prank on someone or to be winding them up about something
Piss it in – to win or achieve something easily (for example, “…I bet on the race favorite who pissed it in”)
Pissed – Americans are pissed when they are angry, in Australia this word means drunk, when Australians get angry they are “pissed off’
Pissed it up the wall – wasted it
Pissed off – to be irritated or unhappy with something or someone or the term can also be used to indicate someone’s departure (for example, “…he has pissed off” meaning he has left where he was)
Playing funnybuggers – being deceitful or untruthful
Playing sillybuggers – to waste time or to mess around
Plodder – a slow laborious worker who has few to little work skills yet is considered reliable
Plonk – cheap wine
Pokies – short for “poker machines” (slot machines)
Pollie – a politician
Postie – a postman
Pot – 285 ml beer glass in Queensland and Victoria
Pov or povo – somebody who is living in poverty (something that is considered of low-value or undesirable can also be described as pov)
Pozzie – position (for example “…I got a great pozzie at the football stadium)
Prang – a car accident or wreck
Preggo – pregnant
Prezzie – a present or gift
Pub – bar
Push up zeds – to have a sleep (zed = zee)


Rack off– go away, get lost or get out of here
Rage – party
Rage on – to continue partying until the wee hours
Rake – a slang word for a hair comb
Rapt – unusually pleased or delighted about something
Rare as hen’s teeth – hen’s don’t have teeth, so this would be used when something was extremely unlikely to occur, or never would
Ratbag – a mild insult (for example, “…my bank manager is a ratbag”)
Rat’s arse – a phrase that signifies a person does not care about something in a very dismissive manner
Rats on stilts – slang for greyhounds (racing dogs)
Raw prawn, to come the – to exaggerate something in a generally disagreeable way which makes the listener wary (in other words, they don’t believe what you are saying)
Reckon – the word, used in all its forms, expresses an opinion of the speaker (for example, “…I reckon that a kangaroo can hop further than a peg-legged pirate”)
Rego – yearly car registration (involves a vehicle inspection and payment)
Rellies – relatives
Ridgey-didge – something that is good and real, the real deal

Ripper – something that is really good (for example, “…Alice throws ripper parties”)
Ripper, you little – an exclamation of extreme delight about an event or news generally
Ripsnorter – an expression that something is, or was intense, in a good way (for example, “…the ball carrier was hit with a ripsnorter of a tackle that created a fumble” or “…she hit a ripsnorter of an approach shot to within two feet of the hole”)
Road train – a semi truck with many trailers (see the Shell gas tanker on our home page)
Rock up – to turn up or arrive somewhere (for example, “…we rocked up to the coffee store at 7pm”)
‘Roo – abbreviated version of kangaroo
Rotten – a word for drunk (for example, “…I was rotten last night because I drank too much)
Ruckus – a commotion or disturbance