Vegies – vegetables
Vee dub – Volkswagen
Veg out, to – to relax in front of the TV
Vegemite – a culinary delight from Down Under. Most Americans dislike Vegemite because they are not told how to eat it properly from the get-go. Vegemite is NOT to be used thickly like peanut butter but rather smeared very thinly across hot buttered toast. Aussie babies are fed the stuff from an early age and continue enjoying it until they fall off the perch (die)!
Vego – vegetarian
Vinnie’s – short for St. Vincent De Paul’s (a charity organization Down Under)


Wacker – an idiot or somebody who talks drivel and with whom you have little to no patience
Wag – a person with an acute sense of humor who can make other people laugh
Waggin’ school – being absent from school without proper authority to be so (also known as “jigging school”)
Walkabout – an actual walk in the Outback by Aborigines that lasts for an indefinite amount of time and is connected (spiritually) with their Dreamtime.
Walkabout, it’s gone – slang term for when something has gone missing or is lost
Wallop – to thrash something, to hit it with great force
Well I’ll be buggered – an exclamation of surprise about something or someone
Wharfie – a person who works on the docks and loads and unloads large freight container ships
What do you do for a crust – what is your occupation
Whinge – to complain in a whiney manner about something or some perceived injustice
White pointers – is quite literally a term used to describe Great White Sharks but can also be used to describe topless female bathers at the beach
Wing nut – a person with prominent ears (a wing nut is a type of nut that is twisted onto a screw with its butterfly type wings)
Within cooee of – within shouting distance of some place or someone
Wobbly, to throw or chuck a – irrational and sometimes explosive behavior (for example, “…when Jeff found out that his wife had paid $5,000 too much for a TV he threw a wobbly”)
Woop Woop – a fictitious place that is used to describe something isolated or far away (for example, you might describe places you have seen in the Outback as being out the back of Woop Woop)
Wowser – a straight-laced, sober person who is very often a prude and has little to no sense of humor
Wuss – a person who is cowardly or who shirks anything that might be risky or hard to do


X amount – an unknown quantity
XXXX – pronounced as “Four Ex” is the most famous beer in the state of Queensland